Center of Food Biotechnology and Bioseparations


*O2 and CO2 analyser     Check Mate PDI Dansensor 9900

*Laminar flow chamber      MicroFlow

*Controlled temperature chamber 0 – 30 ºC Archiclima Labogenetic RT 1000

*Gas Chromatograph        Varian star 3400 CX

*Gas Chromatograph       Perkin-Elmer Clarus 500

*High precision liquid chromatograph   Merck Hitachi L-4250

*High precision liquid chromatograph  Jasco 2089 Plus

*High precision liquid chromatograph  Wate

Bioprocess Laboratory (130 m2). This laboratory is dedicated to lab-scale submerged and solid state fermentations and protein purification. It also has a pilot extrusion unit and tray and spray dryers.

Laboratory of Food Engineering (15 m2). This lab is equipped with instruments and equipment for solid and liquid unit operations (drying, filtration, sieve classification).

Laboratory of Food Science (60 m2). This lab is dedicated to the development and characterization of edible films and coating for food applications.

Bioseparation Laboratory (50 m2). This facility contains equipment for liquid extraction of antioxidant molecules (solvent and supercritical CO2), their purification and analysis by liquid and gas chromatography.

Laboratory of Essential Oils (25 m2).

Microbiology Laboratory (25 m2).