* Gas chromatograph Fisons with FID and electron capture detectors.


* Gas chromatograph with mass detector FINNIGAN.


* Growth chamber SELECTA


* System for behaviour studies Ethovision


* Freeze drying system for lyophilization CHRIST ALPHA 1-2


* Binocular Magnifying glass OLYMPUS SD 30


* Microscope JAPAN OPTICAL


* Oven for drying


* Rotatory vaporizers


* Wind tunnel


* Olfatome


* Spectrophotometer UV-visible Genesis 5


* Spectrophotometer Hach DR-2000


* Incubators Incubated shakers


* Refrigerated centrifugal Eppendorf for tubes of 1.5 and 50 mLElectrotechnical heating equipment. Memmert, 20 L


* Refrigerator


* Microwaves


* Laminar flow chamber Flow Model FLH120.


* Incubators shaker digital Lab-line mod. SHIKA4000 CE


* High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) with diode array detector (DAD)


* Gas chromatography (GC) Shimadzu with electron capture detection


* pH meter


* Dissolved oxygen sensor


* Ultrafiltration equipment


Laboratorios de investigación dependientes del CENTRO.

1 Laboratorio de Biotecnología y Nano biotecnología Ambiental (Dpto Ing. Química).

2 Laboratorio de Valorización de Residuos (Dpto Ing. Química).

3 Laboratorio de Química Ecológica (Dpto Cs. Químicas y Rec. Naturales)

Laboratorio de Servicios.

1 Laboratorio de Ensayos Ambientales (acreditado bajo norma NCh-ISO 17025).

2 Laboratorio de Ensayos Conductuales de Organismos Marino