CV Fernanda Cid

Ph.D. Student of Doctoral Program in Natural Resources Sciences. 
Departamento de Ciencias Químicas y Recursos Naturales,
Facultad de Ingeniería, Ciencias y Administración
Scientific and Technological Bioresource Nucleus
Universidad de La Frontera
Telephone: 56 45-2325467
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Academic Degrees and Professional Studies
2006 Bachelor in Marine Biology. Austral University-Chile.

2008 Marine Biologist degree. Austral University-Chile.

2012 Student of the Doctoral Program in Natural Resources Sciences. La Frontera University-Chile


Research Lines
Phyllosphere Microbial Ecology
Plant-Microorganisms Interaction
Cryophiles - biotechnology.

Work experience
• 2007-2008 Construction of the first Marine Environmental Baseline in the Breast area Melimoyu XI Region, for the Society of Naturalists of Patagonia.

• 2009-2010 Works in laboratory BIOVAC SA city of Aysen, XI Region-Chile, during the screening of breeding season.

• 2010-2011 Incorporated into the Research and Development area of VETERQUIMICA SA developing laboratory techniques and validating molecular techniques (PCR) for the detection of salmon pathogens, to support BIOVAC SA Company in Puerto Montt-Chile.

Research Projects

• 2006-2008 Thesis held in Right Whale Acoustics, developed in Peninsula Valdés protected area- Argentina.

• 2010-2011 Assistant FONDEF D08I1055 "Development of Biotechnological Products on the Basis of Genomic and Proteomic Characterization of ISA virus variants to underpin a Surveillance and Control Program Health in Chile", under the Institute of Biochemistry at the Faculty of Sciences of the Universidad Austral de Chile.

• 2013-2015 Assistant in INACH RT_14-12. Actinobacteria diversity in Antarctic ecosystems and biotechnological potential of their secondary metabolites.

• 2010 Participates in seminar "Production and salmonid diseases" organized by the laboratory Biovac SA in Puerto Chacabuco, XI Region-Chile.

• 2010 Participates in International Congress of ISA virus and Biosafety. Puerto Montt-Chile.

• 2011 Participates in international scientific dissemination seminar conducted by Aligent/GenExpress genomics. Santiago-Chile.

• 2011 Receives training by ROCHE personnel in the use of PCR equipment 480 and 1.5 LightCycler for detection and quantification of bacteria and viruses.

• 2012 Participates international course "Physiology and Biochemistry of Plant Nutrition" organized by the Centre for Soil-Plant Interaction and Natural Resources Biotechnology and Bioresources Center for Science and Technology (BIOREN-UFRO), University of La Frontera.

• 2013 Participates in the course “Plant-Soil-Microbes Interaction and Plant Environmental Stress” organized by the investigation group of the “Center of Plant, Soil Interaction and Natural Resources Biotechnology” and “Center of Amelioration and Sustainability of Volcanic Soils” from the Scientific and Technological Bioresource Nucleus (BIOREN-UFRO).


Diffusion and Transference

2012- Participates in EXPLORA-CONICYT activities such as; ‘Casa Abierta’, ‘1000 científicos, 1000 aulas’ and ‘Semana Nacional de la Ciencia y Tecnología’, Universidad de La Frontera, Temuco.


2011- Performs the validation of the real time PCR technique for the diagnosis of the salmon pathogen Renibacterium salmoninarum causing the bacterial kidney disease (BKD), based on the publication of Chase, 2006. Document developed to be presented by BIOVAC S.A in SERNAPESCA.


2011- Performs the validation of the real time RT-PCR technique for the diagnosis of the virus causing pancreatic disease, using the primers described by Hodneland, 2006. Document developed by BIOVAC S.A to be presented in SERNAPESCA.