Center of Waste Management and Bioenergy





Nitrogen Porosimeter
Particle Size Analyzer
Pilot–scale boiler and burner
Pilot-scale Combustion Engine
Gas analyzer
Pilot-scale Biodiesel plant
Pilot-scale Pirolysis plant


Biofuels Laboratory
The Laboratory is approximately 60 m2 in size and includes a development area and an analysis area for biofuels. The development area is provided with reactors for process development in the field of biodiesel production, equipped with completely automatic control. In addition, air-lift reactors have been installed for immobilizing and growing micro-organisms for biological biodiesel production.

The biofuels analysis area includes GC-MS and GC-FID equipment for the chemical characterization of biofuels and raw materials, as well as infrastructure for the physical-chemical characterization of biofuels. In addition, the laboratory includes a calorimetric pump for determining the heat value of solid samples.

Experimental Biodiesel Plant
The plant can produce 120 ton/year, in a semi-continuous process

Experimental Pyrolisis Plant
The plant can produce 20 ton/year biochar, in a semi-continuous process

Waste to Energy Laboratory
The laboratory, covering approximately 60 m2, is equipped for the physical-chemical characterization of waste for energy use. It also includes a nitrogen porosimeter, TOC determination equipment and particle size distribution laser analyzer.

Thermal Processing Laboratory

The laboratory of approximately 100 m2 includes a pilot plant boiler for the combustion of liquid and gas fuels with an emissions analyzer. It also includes a pilot pyrolisis plant for biochar and syngas production from residual biomass.

Biogas Laboratory
The laboratory, covering approximately 30 m2, contains anaerobic reactors for waste treatment and biogas production and characterization.
Mathematical Modeling Laboratory
A mathematical modeling laboratory for modeling the combustion and thermal processing of biomass.